Strategic Thinking Guide

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Are you a strategic thinking marketer? How to get your mind out of urgency/emergency mode?
In this course,  you will be introduced to these valuable skills that you can use to build a vision in your organisation.
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What's included?

  • 4 Chapters
  • 14 Videos
  • Marketing cases
  • Industry Insights

Become a  marketer who thinks strategically

From strategic mindset to step-by-step guide and ways to measure your success, we've got you covered

Speed up transformation

Learn a new concept with each <60 second video.
▪ Each video focuses on 1 key idea
▪ No long, boring material
▪ No need to skip or play on 2x speed

What you'll learn

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Meet the instructor

Sean Jackson

Sean is an experienced digital-native marketing professional. Active for more than 20 years, Sean is passionate about helping businesses and individuals understand the benefits of good marketing and put the various parts of the marketing mix (strategy, tactics, digital, product, PR, Marcom, channel, partners) to work so they deliver a clear ROI and yield the desired results.
James Lewis - Course author


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Max Stolton
"I love that the videos are direct and to the point - there's no fluff and no need to skip boring introductions, needless explanations or to put the video to 2x normal speed"


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