Photoshop for marketers

Photoshop Survival Kit

Basic image editing skills is essential to the success of a marketer, as you are able to visualise your idea and better communicate with designers and other visual artists.
Visualise your ideas

What's included?

  • 4 Chapters
  • 10+ Videos

Visual Communication

You will learn not just Photoshop skills but the basic visual communication elements that help marketers to better tell a story.

Last Minute Quick Fixes

 You will also learn how to make little fixes on designs, including changing file settings to meet printing marketing materials as well as orientation requirements on social channels. 
Meet the instructor

James Lewis

With 14+ years of experience, I've worked at every level of business, from an analyst crunching numbers for 12 hours a day to a manager presenting information to the company board to making data-driven decisions as a CEO.
Whatever stage of your career, you can benefit from building clean, clear and actionable analysis to help make better decisions.
James Lewis - Course author
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