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We believe that you should be able to learn from quality content without needing to sit in front of your laptop for hours. Bite-sized, mobile-first content designed to maximise learning. Better knowledge retention, easily consumable format, no huge time commitment.

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Whether you're after fundamental skills or deep specialisations, there's so much to learn in marketing.  We've partnered with industry experts to bring you actionable learnings, delivered through short form video series.

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We've distilled the top marketing skills into bite-sized video series. Learn 100% of what you need in 20% of the time.

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Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

"The micro-learning format was hugely beneficial for learning and absorbing knowledge. Because each video is short and easy to replay, I found I memorised new material much quicker than on other platforms "
Max Stolton
"I love that the videos are direct and to the point - there's no fluff and no need to skip boring introductions, needless explanations or to put the video to 2x normal speed."
"The learning videos made a big impact on my current work performance. I feel my productivity has massively increased as I'm spending way less time on manual Excel tasks. I also look smarter in front of my co-workers and boss when I tell them there's a better way to solve a problem!"
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